NE Whatsapp

NE Whatsapp

Have you ever used a modified Whatsapp version like GB or NE Whatsapp? If not, we will recommend you give them a try. You might be wondering where to start. Worry not, though. We will tell you about a particular application that will not disappoint you.

Category Information
Name NE Whatsapp
Platform Mobile messaging app
Developer Facebook, Inc.
Release February 24, 2009
OS iOS, Android, Windows, KaiOS, Symbian, BlackBerry, Tizen
Features Messaging, calls, groups, media sharing, encryption
Users Over 2 billion active users worldwide
Ownership Owned by Facebook since 2014

The app is called NE Whatsapp, and it is one of the most popular Whatsapp variants. It gives you several fun elements, including:

  • The original features that come with the indigenous version.
  • Additional fantastic factors that you cannot get from Whatsapp.

That is why this variant will be the best to start with. 

What Makes NE Whatsapp More Desirable

Next, you might want to ask why NE Whatsapp is exceptional. It is the most important question to ask when you leave an original format and opt for a modded one. 

Your confusion is understandable since you have not used any modified version. A modded form is made to counter the hurdles proffered by the regular application. These flaws can be many, for example:

  • Most apps have premium subscriptions for vital features. Their mods offer all the fun factors for free.
  • Some apps, like Whatsapp, come with only a few elements. Therefore, variants are made to add the required features.

Hence, several Whatsapp variants, like NE Whatsapp, offer all those attributes that are missing in Whatsapp. 

Exceptional Features of NE Whatsapp

Now that you have an idea about the modded versions, let’s tell you some of the prime factors of NE Whatsapp. Remember that all these factors are free, and no premium subscription exists.

It means you will relish the following perks:

  1. No registration or paid elements.
  2. Additional and necessary factors required by the modern communique world.

In short, NE Whatsapp provides you with both perks, as mentioned earlier.

NE Whatsapp

Be Online but Show Offline

What is meant by showing offline while being online? It means everyone among your contacts will think you are not online while using Whatsapp. NE Whatsapp does so by masking a number of signs that can tell others that you are online, for example:

  • It will turn off the green circle that others can see when you open the application.
  • It will not show the blue tick when you see someone’s message.
  • It will mask the grey tick that is a sign of content delivery. 
  • Even if you are typing or recording a note, the receiver cannot see the “writing” or “recording” status.

This way, you can enjoy a high level of privacy. 

Be Aesthetic and Customize Your Display

Everyone wants to be aesthetic and give their phone a look they think is unique. Unfortunately, the standard application does not take this need seriously. That is why it wants you to make peace with the years-old green interface. We all can agree that the display is boring. 

You need to alter the look for a change, and it is only possible with NE Whatsapp. This outstanding app lets you personalize your Whatsapp display and impart it any look you want. You can choose any of the hundreds of themes that NE Whatsapp comes with. 

Undelete the Deleted Conversation

It is a counter-delete mechanism that works by restoring a deleted message. Let’s admit we all become curious when someone erases content soon after sending it. Many questions perplex us, and sometimes we start assuming the worst. It characterizes more sensitive people among us.

However, do you want to tackle the hurdle by seeing eliminated messages? If yes, we have good news for you, NE Whatsapp lets you undelete the deleted messages. So, the next time they erase their content, surprise them with a relevant reply. 

View a Status without Appearing

The most anticipated feature is viewing someone’s status without appearing in their “view” list. Sometimes, we do not want particular people to know we see their stories. Reasons can vary from being shy or on a break with that person. Keeping yourself updated about the pals we love but are angry with is common.

NE Whatsapp can fulfill this requirement as well. In the “Setting” section, you can turn off the option that shows your name in others’ “Views” list. This will enable you to see people’s statuses while remaining hidden. 

Be Able to Share Extensive Videos

Sharing videos of long duration and more MB is not possible with Whatsapp. It limits shared data’s MB to sixteen only. It means you could only send or receive a shorter video.

However, NE Whatsapp not enables you to share a video up to 2 GB. This is more than enough limit, and you can even share a full movie.


What is NE Whatsapp?

NE Whatsapp is a Whatsapp variant that offers additional features.

How to download NE Whatsapp?

You can download NE Whatsapp by installing its APK file from our website.

Is NE Whatsapp banned?

No, NE Whatsapp is not banned.

Is NE Whatsapp free?

Yes. NE Whatsapp is safe.

Is NE Whatsapp safe?

Yes, NE Whatsapp is safe to use.