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WAMOD is the latest Whatsapp variant that offers more fun factors than the aboriginal application. It has several fantastic elements that Whatsapp cannot provide. For example, using this modded format, you can change themes, colors, font styles, and other ways of utilizing this communique application.

It also offers a top-notch sense of security and privacy. Furthermore, you can get all the features you have been missing in the standard version. That is why most people want to avail themselves of this astounding application.

Category Information
App Name WAMOD
App Type Android customization app
Developer SAM Mods
Latest Version 2.1.0
Release Date October 2018
Compatibility Android 4.0.3 and up
File Size 44.6 MB
Price Free
Features Customization options for WhatsApp
Languages Multiple languages supported, including English
Permissions Access to device storage, camera, microphone, and GPS
Security No official security audits conducted
Reviews Mixed reviews, with some users reporting issues

WAMOD is a modified format that is crafted by third-party developers. They did so by bringing some essential changes to the coding of the original version. These changes made the availability of several exceptional features feasible.

Distinctions of WAMOD

WAMOD is not a typical tedious communication application. It can be distinguished from the standard Whatsapp version based on many factors. Hence, we have seen an increased demand for WAMOD in recent times.

The reluctance of Whatsapp developers to modify their applications and introduce new elements is beyond reason. However, they seem to be irrelevant to people’s needs. This is where third-party developers get an entry into the scene. 

By crafting applications like WAMOD, they have done the following miracles:

  • Their publication is much more fun than the typical Whatsapp format.
  • All the original properties of the app are retained with many additional attributes.
  • They have responded to all the requirements of modern app users.

Hence, it is not invalid to say that WAMOD is more desirable and preferable to the standard version. 

You can find the fundamental differences between the two applications by looking at the following outstanding features WAMOD provides.

Hiding Downloaded Media 

In the standard version, the downloaded files go directly to your phone gallery. This can be a concern of privacy. You often share personal files, photos, and images with your relatives. By sending them to your phone directory, Whatsapp compromises your privacy.

On the other hand, WAMOD cares for your privacy. That is why it does not save all media files into your phone directory without your permission. Instead, it will keep all the documents, photos, and videos until you use them via your cellular phone gallery.

No Disturbance 

Technology like Whatsapp has brought us closer. It has made communication between family and friends possible in a more practical way. However, there are some issues regarding personal space. Anyone can call or message you at any time. This can hinder your enjoyment or relaxing moments.

Therefore, WAMOD has gone a step ahead to make you feel comfortable. Unlike the regular version, it does not allow anyone to disturb you at any time. Instead, you can block unknown numbers and unwanted calls from unwelcome contacts. 

Anti-Delete Content and Statuses 

What happens when someone erases a message or status without you seeing it? It is a very annoying thing. Curiosity, a fundamental human need, can kill anyone. The desire to know what is being hidden can exceed all levels.

In order to save you from this, WAMOD offers anti-delete status and message mechanism. This system lets you see the contents that the sender has deleted.

Increased Forward Limit

Sometimes, you need forward a critical announcement, news, or notification to multiple contacts. Whatsapp lets you forward messages to only five contacts at a time. Therefore, you must go through a painstaking process to send the same message to more than five people.


Not anymore, though, because WAMOD helps you forward a particular message to 250 people at once. Hence, you can share specific contact with more than five people, you will not have to make groups or keep sending the message separately. 

Beautification of the Display 

Everyone wants to make their surrounding per their desire. That is why you can see homes painted in many different colors. The same wish to personalize your belongings also stands valid in the digital world. Therefore, many users want to change the same old green display of the regular format. 

While it is impossible with Whatsapp, WAMOD makes it possible. It has a store comprising hundreds of different themes. You can also change font style, interface color, and even app icon the way you want. 

Lock Your Application 

It is interesting because everyone can lock their cellular phones. Then why are we explicitly mentioning this attribute? It is because we all can lock our apps with a single lock system that our phones offer. This is not the highest level of security. Anyone with access to your cell phone can reach any app you use.

However, using WAMOD gives an extra sense of security by offering a built-in lock.


What is WAMOD?

WAMOD is a Whatsapp variant with more features than the standard version.

How to download WAMOD?

You can download the WAMOD APK file from our site.

How to install WAMOD?

After downloading the WAMOD APK file from our site, you can install it on your phone

How to update WAMOD?

Delete the existing file and replace it with the latest version.