WhatsApp Begal

WhatsApp Begal

As you know that WhatsApp is the favorite and easiest platform for messaging and sharing audio/video data. More than 2 billion active users are using this app, and downloads are 5+ billion worldwide. WhatsApp Begal is the MOD version of WhatsApp group by which you can run two WhatsApp numbers on a single Android cell phone.

Category Information
Description WhatsApp is a messaging application for smartphones
Developer WhatsApp Inc.
Release date January 2009
Platforms Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows, macOS, and web browser
Features Text messaging, voice and video calls, file sharing, etc.
Users Over 2 billion monthly active users worldwide
Ownership Facebook Inc.
Revenue model Free to use, with plans to introduce business tools

WhatsApp Begal is a MOD version developed by a third party. It is a highly secure application that is being downloaded from third-party websites. Its specialty is to hide the blue ticks while receiving and reading messages. You can unlock this feature to hide or show your contacts that you have read the message. Anti Revoke is it’s another unique feature to view deleted messages. It has more design tweaks and fonts than the original App.

What’s New than the Original App?

This App has more design changes and highly appreciated privacy features unavailable in the original WhatsApp. It has strong control over privacy according to our preferences. Anti-Revoke is another excellent function of the App.

Privacy Protection

The developers focus more on users’ privacy in this App. they ensure that our data remains safe & secure. Its strong features are these;

  • Hide the Last Seen

We can hide our last seen time without giving up seeing our contact’s last seen.

  • Hide the status

We can hide our online status when we enable our privacy settings. But we will see our contacts whether they are online or not. 

  • Hide the Profile Photo

We can hide our profile photo except for our contacts if we don’t want to show it. We can show this for our contacts only.

  • Hide the Typing

If we don’t want to be checked by anyone while typing, you can hide this option too.

  • Hide Blue Tick

Blue ticks can be seen after seeing &reading the messages. You can enable this function when you answer the messages, not before or after. 

  • Hide Second Tick

If you are so conscious about your privacy, you can hide the second tick of delivering the message.

  • Hide Recording Status

You can hide this activity with its amazing privacy settings when recording your status or a voice message.

  • Hide Status View

You can also hide your counts of status-viewing contacts.

WhatsApp Begal

Anti-Revoke Function

You can see the deleted messages from your contacts. And also can cancel the service to view the deleted messages. 

Anti-ban App

The App is 100% safe to use because it has an anti-ban service for its users. Users can work without any tension of losing their necessary data. 


There are great themes that the App presents to its user’s screen. The App gives the home screen a wide range of styles and symbols. Users can choose and add their favorite styles for the screen. Beautiful backgrounds and symbols are available to use.

Entertaining Emojis

The App has many interesting emojis that are more expressive for any state. Users can enjoy the great collection of multiple expressive emojis and send these to their family & friends. Have fun with this feature. 

Download Events

You can download any event from your contacts on their status or wall. The App allows you to enjoy the stories from your contacts and download those events on your Smartphone. 

Unlimited File Sharing

To share the files, you can unlock and disable the sharing limit of data to send unlimited data or photos to your contacts. 

Multiple File Formats

You can send various file formats at once in this Application. You are compatible with sharing multiple file formats like; PDF, APK, ZIP, RAR, etc.

Audio/Video Calls & Messages

You are free to call or message your contact or can send audio & video messages to the selected contacts. The App is so helpful to work and enjoy.

Calls & Messages to Unsaved Numbers

You don’t need to save every number in your contact book. You can send messages or call any number you have not saved on your mobile. 

Final Verdicts

WhatsApp Begal has amazing and unique features to use. Anti-ban and anti-revoke functions are excellent features that other apps never provide to their users. It is a highly safe & secure app. The main feature of privacy is amazing to use. A lot of privacy functions are here to fulfill the needs of your personal & professional purposes.


What is WhatsApp Begal?

WhatsApp Begal is a MOD version of the Original. It has some specific features of privacy and Anti-Revoke functions.

Is WhatsApp Begal safe to use?

WhatsApp Begal is safe and secures like other MOD versions. There is nothing wrong with this App. You can download it.

How to add stickers in WhatsApp Begal?

To add stickers in WhatsApp Begal, tap Emoji>Stickers>select the Sticker and tap Add.

How to hide online in WhatsApp Begal?

Tap on the three dots on the top right side; from the options, select privacy and last seen and select the “Nobody” option. You will hide your online status.

What does the Anti-Revoke function mean?

You can read the messages deleted by your contacts with this function.